In Vitro Services

The In Vitro Services department at BTS Research provides clinical pathology services for all animal species, bioanalytical for small molecules and biologics, and cell-based functional assays to support pharmaceutical product development.

BTS Research offers its clients several in vitro assays to help determine the efficacy, mechanism of action and toxicity of their compounds. We have over 350 cancer cell lines, primary normal cells and various drug resistant cell lines, valuable tools to evaluate small drug molecules and biologics, siRNA and liposomal formulated drugs.

Detailed Research Plan
Once a business agreement is reached with the client, BTS Research will develop a detailed research plan with the scientists of the potential partner. The plan will be developed once a business agreement is reached with the client. The comprehensive research plan will describe the assay, its development, and the goals of the Lead Compound Discovery project.

In Vitro Functional Assays

Assay Development
Like any new project, additional work might be needed to prepare the assay(s) for expedient screening. Assay development is defined broadly, from simple technology transfer to complete de novo development depending on the client’s target and the assay’s stage of development. BTS will apply the best technologies for measuring and screening of biomolecular interactions and functions of cells to improve the efficiency of the screening process while keeping expenses to a minimum.


  • Biomarker identification and validation
  • Flow cytometry (cell surface and intracellular staining)
  • Western blot
  • Zymogels for protease activity
  • ELISA (development, validation and use of commercial kits)
  • Multiplex technology for cytokines
  • Pharmacodynamic studies: quantification of drug target inhibition following animal treatment
  • Factor VII A measurement in dogs and mice
  • HSV2 and Clamydia measurement by Q-RTPCR
  • Nitrite/nitrate measurements
  • Butyrylcholinesterase and Carboxylesterase-1 and -2 by Western Blot
  • Beta amyloid measurement by ELISA
  • Hydroxyproline measurement to evaluate anti-liver fibrosis drug
  • DsDNA IgG measurements by ELISA
Cellular Services

All testing complies with applicable Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations. We are committed to excellent client service and appreciate the opportunity to discuss your testing requirements.

BTS Research is a San Diego based Contract Research Organization that delivers GLP and Non-GLP biological services to clients in pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical, biotech, academic research, medical device and related industries since 2001.