• Offering support to early discovery In Vitro and In Vivo programs    • Supporting the Mechanism of Action of your drug    • Performing efficacy studies in disease models    • Expertise in running acute and repeated dose toxicology     • Performing your IND enabling studies in small and large animals    • Performing discovery to IND and NDA enabling studies    • Utilizing Pristima Xybion Data Acquisition Software    • In Vivo support includes areas of inflammation, oncology, metabolic diseases in small and large animals    • Offering state of the art lab space

About BTS Research

To offer reliable, high quality and on time preclinical / nonclinical studies at competitive rates. We aim to build and maintain long lasting working relationships with all our Sponsors.

Why BTS Research?

• Expertise
• Reliability
• GLP Compliant
• Responsiveness
• Flexibility
• Timely Reports

BTS Research News

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Our Process

Your study typically starts within two to three weeks from the date of signing the agreement. We offer professional, reliable, and cost effective services.

Animal Species

BTS Research conducts research in all commonly used and regulated species such as mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, pigs, NHPs…

Disease Models

BTS Research CRO offers world class preclinical study applications that can help you achieve your study disease model. If the disease model that you are looking for…

Custom Services

All studies are custom tailored to meet our customer needs, by helping identify the best animal model and the required delivery method.

Analytical Testing

BTS Research conducts a variety of tests in-house in addition to their time tested collaborating partners. Our in-house analytical services utilize….

Industry News

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Drug Development Process

On average there are 5,000 to 10,000 molecules for each potential drug candidate. These molecules are subjected…

IND Process

The main purpose of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application is to provide data showing that it is…

Toxicology Services

• Acute Toxicity
• Subchronic Toxicity
• Chronic Toxicity
• Range Finding
• Behavioral Studies
• Maximum Tolerated Dose
• Reproductive Toxicity
• Carcinogenicity Studies

Pharmacology Services

BTS understands that accurate data presented in a timely manner is very important to help you reach…

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