Pharma Companies in San Diego

pharma-companies-in-san-diegoBTS Research is not only one of the leading CRO pharma companies in San Diego, but also a front runner in global research. BTS Research offers its clients that are looking to hire research pharmaceutical companies in Southern California exceptional services in pharmaceutical/bio pharmaceutical, biotech, academic research, medical device development, and other related industries. BTS Research, one of the major pharmaceutical companies in Southern California and a leading San Diego pharmaceutical CRO that provides customers with biomedical research and toxicology research needs. BTS Research is customer focused and derives its success through dedicated employees, integrity, quality, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders. Customers have praised the dynamic services, friendly environment, and rigorous in-house training. As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Southern California, our trained scientists are prepared and equipped to perform the latest and most advanced research assays. A key component in working with a CRO like BTS Research is their understanding of drug metabolism, mechanisms, pharmacokinetics, and epigenetic changes. BTS Research provides many difficult or cost efficient quantitative analysis experiments that are out of reach to many researchers. Outsourcing research needs to this San Diego CRO provides access to cutting-edge research technology and industry leading scientific design. When searching for pharma companies in San Diego or contract research services, it is important to choose a company with a strong background in study design, execution, experimental reproducibility, and a proof-of-concept testing.

San Diego Contract Research Services

BTS Research is a high-quality contract research services that provides interdisciplinary biological studies in areas of pharmacokinetic and toxicology, inflammation, autoimmunity, oncology, would healing, stem cell regeneration, as well as CNS and metabolic disorders. High quality quantitative analyses of drug screens and biological studies are conducted in carefully designed experimental conditions to eliminate confounding factors. BTS Research has consistently demonstrated high quality in vivo and in vitro experimental designs. One of the few San Diego pharmaceuticals, BTS Research offers PK/PD modeling and data which is frequently included in IND applications. BTS Research contract research services deliver careful and controlled animal husbandry. The majority of staff at BTS Research is AALAS-certified and provide the highest quality and standards of care necessary for successful research. Our clients have access to state-of-the-art in vivo research in normal or immunodeficient mice or rats, as well as hamsters, rabbits, canines, pigs, cats, and two non-human primates. Additionally, our staff is qualified and trained to comply with institutional and academic requirements, in addition to regulatory compliance, SDA and DEA registration, AAALAC accreditation, OLAW assurance, and OSHA compliance. For more information on pharma companies in San Diego, or this San Diego pharmaceutical, contact us.