Acute and Chronic Rodent Models of Liver Fibrosis

SAN DIEGO, JANUARY 29, 2014 – Acute and chronic models in mice with CCl4 challenge over 7 – 28 days. Hepatic markers of fibrosis were elevated > 5x compared with naïve animals. Test articles dose-dependently attenuated the induction of marker expression and provided SAR data. These models may be used together to produce an efficient screening process with mechanistic and disease-specific end points. Treatment may be administered intravenously. Data supported by on-site clinical chemistry assessment. Other models at BTS Include: Mouse CCl4 7 day (4 or 7 challenges), Mouse CCl4 28 day, Rat dimethylnitrosamine (DMN) 5 day, Rat CCl4 5 day, Rat DMN + CCl4 5 day.