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Preclinical CRO

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preclinical CROLooking for a preclinical CRO to aid in your research goals? Are you one of the many pharmaceutical companies in San Diego seeking support? California is a host for pharmaceutical companies who share a common challenge of needing to develop proper discovery animal model to help them with their proof of concept and their IND studies. These companies need look no further than their own backyard. Since 2001, BTS research has been helping clients achieve their research goals with exemplary dedication and customer service preclinical Contract Research Organization “CRO”. BTS Research fulfills the wishes of numerous pharmaceutical companies in San Diego, Australia, Europe, India, and other locations around the globe. They provide a robust suite of preclinical CRO services, including drug discovery, mechanism of action studies, and proof-of-concept for novel therapeutics. Among their team are husbandry and research experts that are well-versed in the research procedures for animal models ranging from rodents, rabbits, dogs, pigs, to non-human primates. With extensive experience in modulators, biologics, and medical devices, BTS Research provides its clients with any applicable form of expertise they might require. Their facilities are AAALAC Accredited and the staff are almost entirely AALAS certified, so clients can rest assured that their CRO partners are truly experts in their field and are conforming to all regulations and laws. Undoubtedly, BTS Research is the CRO San Diego needs to keep its many pharmaceutical entrepreneurs satisfied (be it a young company of a fortune 500).

As a preclinical CRO, BTS Research, while does not publish the names of their clients, lists among its clients some of the most groundbreaking pharmaceutical companies California has to offer. Through their experience with agencies and institutions, BTS Research provides pharmaceutical companies in San Diego and beyond with guidance through the many twists and turns of regulatory approval. With thousands of studies in pharmacokinetics and toxicology under their belts, BTS has the portfolio to support the majority of pharmaceutical companies California hosts. Their highly experienced teams maintains registration with the USDA and DEA, as well as helping clients obtain Clinical approval. As one of the top CRO San Diego hosts, BTS is also well-versed with satisfying the OSHA standards set forth by the government.

BTS Research has the capabilities to import non-human primates directly from China via a third party, allowing their clients to obtain the best animal possible for their study. If you are looking for expertise in oncology, autoimmunology, wound healing, or stem cell research, BTS Research stands as the CRO San Diego of choice that one can proudly rely upon. They are also well versed in conditions of and research relating to the central nervous system and metabolic disorders. If you are considering partnering with BTS Research for your needs, their website provides a full listing of their services, and quotes are easy to obtain through their site.

BTS Research Appoints VP of Toxicology to Oversee Sponsors’ Preclinical Tox Programs

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SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BTS Research announced today that they have appointed Ian Dean as their VP of Toxicology. Ian has over 27 years in the nonclinical contract research industry, with experience across UK, Canada, Asia and the US.

In addition, Ian had various responsibilities in previous CRO’s such as Huntingdon Research Centre (now Envigo), Inveresk Research International (now Charles River), ITR, Southern Research Institute, LAB (now CiToxLab) and Primetrics – Singapore. In addition, Ian has spent 10 years as an independent regulatory consultant and was an Expert External Reviewer for Health Canada’s New Drug Submissions. Ian has extensive preclinical and clinical expertise spanning protocol design, study oversight, regulatory gap analysis, audit of nonclinical and clinical bioanalysis facilities, and preparing regulatory documentation. He is a Diplomate of the Institute of Biology in Toxicology (DIBT) and a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology (DABT; 1995-2015).

Ian and a group of Senior Scientists and Study Directors that have been hired over the last six months at BTS are now able to cover the increasing demand for study and program oversight.

“BTS Research is now much more prepared to take on multiple programs and maintain the quality and speed expected by its clients,” BTS President & CEO Sami Abunadi commented. “We are pleased to have Ian join us along with the fantastic new and talented in vitroand in vivo scientists who have proven track record to meet this increasing demand. With the recent expansions in the lab and vivarium space, we had to increase our scientific base to be able to execute with speed and quality,” Mr. Abunadi added.

About BTS Research

BTS is a San Diego based Contract Research Organization (“CRO”) that delivers GLP and Non-GLP biological services to large and small clients in pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical, biotech, academic research and medical device organizations in the areas of Inflammation, Metabolic Disease, Cancer, Stem Cell and Medical Devices since 2001. BTS Research is a recognized leader in providing global preclinical solutions in all regulated species from early discovery to IND enabling studies.


BTS Research
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Associate Director of Marketing & Alliance Management
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BIO-QUANT announces the expansion of its research animal diagnostic services to cover all nine species

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SAN DIEGO, CA, September, 2008 –Bio-Quant Inc (“Bio-Quant”) the largest biotech Contract Research Organization (CRO) in San Diego, announced today the expansion of its animal diagnostic services division to cover all nine species used in research.
Dr. Bassam Damaj, Chief Executive Officer of Bio-Quant, said, “Animal welfare is of great importance, and Bio-Quant is very pleased to announce the expansion of its Research Animal Diagnostic Services. Bio-Quant is the only local facility providing this high quality service to the San Diego community, and we will continue to grow our capabilities in this area to support our client’s needs. This marks the completion of our planned expansion program that we have been implementing over the last couple of years”
He added, “Our laboratory covers comprehensive clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation, blood gas analysis, urine analysis for all nine species. The advanced equipments used at Bio-Quant allows the analysis of full CBC with only 15uL of blood as opposed to the 100uL required by most laboratories allowing researchers to run multiple CBCs during their experimental studies without affecting the health status of the animals.”
Other specialty services are also provided worldwide by Bio-Quant such as Elisa, FACS analysis, protein electrophoresis, and gel electrophoresis as well as in vitro cellular functional assays.
About Bio-Quant, Inc.
Bio-Quant, Inc. is a profitable revenue-generating biotechnology pre-clinical contract research organization specializing in in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, PK and toxicology to support non-GLP pre-IND enabling studies in addition to vivarium housing services. The company is based in San Diego, California with 20,000 sq ft office and laboratory facilities. The company specializes in pre-clinical work in the areas of Inflammation, Oncology, and Immunology, PK and toxicology services.
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